Wedding Films… More Than Just the Ceremony

For many brides, the focus, effort and energy of wedding planning is centered around the wedding day itself. However, a lot of opportunities arise in the weeks and months before the ceremony. More and more couples are deciding to get photos and video shot of events leading up to the wedding. Here are a few of the ideas becoming more and more popular:

The Love Story
Engagement videos can also be referred to as a “Love Story.” Often times a Love Story is shot as a narrative describing the relationship up to the point of the marriage; how the couple met, their shared interests, hi-lights of the relationship. All of these things are presented in a documentary/photo journalistic style usually to be presented at the reception. It can span anywhere from five to thirty minutes depending on what the couple wants and how long they think people want to sit and watch a video about them at the reception.


Save the Date
Something growing even more in popularity due to the internet and the ever evolving use of video are “Save the Date” videos. Either in lieu of, or in conjunction with, a traditional wedding invitation, couples can have a video shot in almost any style they desire. The way this video is shot and edited can be anything from a simple, elgant video to a Hollywood shoot in front of a green screen with space ships, explosions and dinosaurs! The only limit here is creativity and the wishes of the couple. They then send this video out to friends and family either directly through the internet or on DVDs sent through the mail.

The Rehearsal
The rehearsal isn’t usually something people think of to have documented. It’s just a practice run to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Especially for more complicated ceremonies where people may have music, speeches and performances, practice is essential. However, rehearsals are also much more relaxed, fun and often times contain a lot of quality time between family and friends before the stress of the wedding day begins. All of these factors add up to some incredibly memorable moments that can be great to have captured and make for an excellent addition to the wedding DVD.

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