Vail Wedding? Kelly Karli!

Every once in a while you’ll meet someone and things will just click. Sometimes that happens more often than others. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting with Kelly Karli from Frosted Pink Weddings in Vail. Before she even took a seat at the cozy little Starbucks that we met in, a warm and friendly presence filled the air. We sat down, talked about this and that and the conversation couldn’t have flowed any smoother. I was immediately comfortable with her and I could tell right away why she is such a fantastic wedding planner. She has to be one of the most open minded individuals I’ve met in awhile and it was fresh to have someone not only talk, but more importantly, listen. I wasn’t even a bride or potential client, I’m just a cinematographer. I can’t even imagine how attentive, understanding and helpful she must be to her actual brides!

If you’re having your wedding in Vail (or anywhere in the mountains or along the front range), and you want a wedding planner that is not only great at what she does but also takes your wedding as the personal and unique event that it is to you, talk to Kelly. Check out her website for more information and to see if you think she’ll be right for your wedding!

Frosted Pink Weddings

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