Predictable Brides

I read an interesting article about “How to Hire a Wedding Videographer” over at  It’s a fairly long, but good read if you’re interested (and you should be).  It points out a few intriguing truths that I think most brides are unaware of and should face.

Wedding videography is nowhere near the popularity and demand of wedding photography.  Usually brides choose a venue and photographer first and then everything else becomes a box to check off on a list.  Unfortunately, most brides regret that decision soon after the vows have been said and the cake has been cut.  Around 50% of brides listed wedding videography as a Top 10 priority before their weddings.  However, that number jumped up to almost 80% when brides were asked, after they had already gotten married.


Your wedding is a big day.  Make sure you do everything in your power so that you don’t have any regrets.  Do your homework.  Look around at what wedding videographers in your area offer and what their prices are and compare those with your expectations.  The only way to be dissapointed with your wedding video is to be expecting one thing and receive another.

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