Personalized Wedding Invitations

This is a trend that has been catching on lately for couples who like to go all out for their wedding.  Instead of a normal wedding invitation on paper, couples have discovered that wedding videographers can also shoot a wedding video invitation.  This can be an incredibly fun, creative and unique way to invite your guests to the big day!

There are literally no bounds to the creativity involved in shooting a wedding invite.  It can be made to look like a movie trailer for an up and coming summer blockbuster or something as simple and elegant as the bride herself.  The best part, the cost!  According to the Bridal Association of America, brides spend an average of $659.00 on standard wedding invitations.  We can shoot, edit and even take care of sending out the wedding video invitations for a comparable price!

Have fun, be creative and impress your friends with wedding video invitations!

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