Kenyon & Luke, Aspen Meadow Wedding Film

Life really is wonderful and there isn’t one right way to do it. Kenyon and Luke are a great living example of doing things their own way.
We hit it off with Kenyon and Luke right away in a small park in Denver. We sat in the grass, our two little girls played and ran around together and it really was the perfect way to start our relationship. When we showed up for their wedding, everything was cruising along fairly smoothly… with the exception that Kenyon was not only a beautiful bride, but, also still very much a mom. Worrying about makeup and how to fix a bottle at the same time has it’s own wonderful charm to it. And that’s just the thing with these two. You really got the feeling that they live life according to their own rules. It was awesome to be around and Erika and I think it came through in their Short Film. Congrats Kenyon & Luke!

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