KHODGE Films featured on COUTUREcolorado

One of our first features of the year premiered on COUTUREcolorado’s Blog. Laura sure knows how to put together an excellent source for brides while they plan their wedding. Everything from color choices and style to the venue and decorations, COUTUREcolorado has tons of great wedding ideas. We are super excited to have our interview on one of Colorado’s best sources for wedding inspiration. Check out the full interview for our wedding films over at COUTUREcolorado.

Vail Wedding? Kelly Karli!

Every once in a while you’ll meet someone and things will just click. Sometimes that happens more often than others. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting with Kelly Karli from Frosted Pink Weddings in Vail. Before she even took a seat at the cozy little Starbucks that we met in, a warm and friendly presence filled the air. We sat down, talked about this and that and the conversation couldn’t have flowed any smoother. I was immediately comfortable with her and I could tell right away why she is such a fantastic wedding planner. She has to be one of the most open minded individuals I’ve met in awhile and it was fresh to have someone not only talk, but more importantly, listen. I wasn’t even a bride or potential client, I’m just a cinematographer. I can’t even imagine how attentive, understanding and helpful she must be to her actual brides!

If you’re having your wedding in Vail (or anywhere in the mountains or along the front range), and you want a wedding planner that is not only great at what she does but also takes your wedding as the personal and unique event that it is to you, talk to Kelly. Check out her website for more information and to see if you think she’ll be right for your wedding!

Frosted Pink Weddings

Kim & Lucas, a Colorado Mountain Wedding Film

I was very excited to shoot our first wedding film of 2011. Kim & Lucas had one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve filmed yet. Willow Ridge Manor hosted the event near Morrison, CO. Everything from the decorations and atmosphere to the bride and groom themselves was warm, rich and heartfelt. Every single person at the wedding was having a great time and there was a lot of energy in the air.

The sun broke through the clouds near the end of the outdoor, winter ceremony and it couldn’t have been more picturesque. I challenge you to find a happier and more loving couple than Kim & Lucas. This wedding was fantastic! Congratulations you two.

Happy Holidays from KHODGEfilms

It’s been a great year for us here at KHODGEfilms and we hope it’s been the same for you. Our first season of shooting weddings took us to some amazing places. From the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness to the stunning Rockies in Vail and Beaver Creek, Colorado, we sure have seen a lot of cool places and definitely met a lot of very cool people. We’ve also had some great chances to refine our craft and be able to bring even more quality and unique perspectives to our films. We’re very excited about what 2011 has to offer and the people we will meet and work with. We also have some surprises coming up for the new year so stay tuned for more quality wedding films.

3 Wedding Film Must Haves

So you’re thinking about having your wedding filmed. Awesome! Now, what to consider… maybe how much coverage you should have? One shooter or two? Hi-Def? Does the cinematographer do “cool” editing effects? Sure, all these things should definitely be discusses and thought about, however there are three that are paramount to the rest… and sometimes overlooked.

1. Audio – That’s right. The first thing on our list isn’t “video” at all… it’s audio. The importance of audio is undeniable. If the audio is bad (too low, too high, not capturing what it’s supposed to be) it can completely destroy the rest of the film. You want to make sure, first and foremost, that your cinematographer is using pro audio equipment. During the ceremony they should have at least one wireless microphone attached to the groom. This mic will be able to record all of the vows and other verbal audio during the ceremony, which of course, is incredibly important. If you have someone standing in the back of the room hoping to record what’s being said in the front with a microphone attached to the camera, you’re going to be disappointed.

2. Stabilization – You know the stereotypical “home” movie of a birthday or vacation… the one where mom or dad is walking around filming the action, everything jittery and bumpy. Yeah, they’ve got that “vintage” hand held look down. There’s nothing wrong with that, as a matter of fact, if you like it you could probably just get your uncle to shoot your wedding and you’d totally love the result. But, if that’s not how you envision your wedding film to be, then you should check, double check and triple check that the cinematographer has a variety of stabilization options available. The bare minimum would be either a tripod or monopod. Then you’ll at least have footage that isn’t shaking around like an action scene from the latest Hollywood summer blockbuster. However, if you’re looking for dynamic shots that really showcase the day you’re going to have to demand a steadicam rig or something similar. A steadicam is basically a counterbalance system that allows the cinematographer to walk, run, jump, spin, etc… while keeping the camera movements buttery smooth.

3. Experience – Sometimes I see craigslist ads where people are looking for film students to shoot their wedding films. I’m guessing these people are trying to save a buck and still get quality work. That doesn’t really exist. Film students are students for a reason. If they were able to walk out into the world and be successful film-makers, they’d already be doing that. Most students may have not even been to a real wedding before in their life… let alone film one!!! Experience is solid, pure, raw professional building stuff. An experienced cinematographer will be able to anticipate events and be there to capture them. They also won’t make simple mistakes like forgetting batteries or memory cards or worse. If you’re willing to try your luck with a student you might be just as pleased with having your uncle shoot it (who’ll also give you that awesome shaky look! win/win).

Of course there are other things to consider as well, but these three things will give you a wedding film that you are happy with. Maybe you can’t afford coverage of the entire day if you’re trying to stay within your budget, but having a well shot half-day is far better than a horribly shot full one.

Aja & Ashkon, Persian Wedding Film in Downtown Denver, Colorado

Aja and Ashkon’s wedding at the Grand Hyatt in downtown Denver was wonderful.   A beautiful blend of American traditions and Persian culture made for a unique and heartfelt wedding. The Persian ceremony was an incredible mix of ancient customs, love and family.  This is one wedding ceremony that I’ll never forget.  The reception on the 38th floor of the Grand Hyatt gave way to an absolutely breathtaking view of the city and the mountains in the distance, however, I believe most people had their eye on the newly wed couple as they looked fantastic and their interaction with each other is what people wait entire lifetimes for.  I wish Aja and Ashkon the best. Your wedding was fantastic!

Emily & Brent, Beaver Creek / Vail Wedding Film

Congratulations Emily & Brent.  The ceremony was beautiful at the Beaver Creek Chapel and the reception at The Timber Hearth in Cordillera is about as romantic and energetic as they come.  It was an absolute blast filming your wedding and I kinda hope you two turn this into an annual event.  C’mon, start a new trend.  You made my job incredibly easy by simply just being yourselves.  The connection and love you have for each other is radiant and the atmosphere of the room is lifted with your presence.  Once again, congratulations and I hope you will have a happy and wonderful life together.

Megan & Vance, Destination Wedding Film in Alaska

Megan & Vance had their wedding at Alyeska Resort in Alaska.  A dangerous location for a bride to choose just because the natural surroundings are amazingly beautiful… the bride risks being overshadowed.  But that was not at all the case as Megan was as beautiful a bride as I’d ever had the pleasure of filming.  Vance, you weren’t too bad yourself either.  The wedding day was full of buzz and excitement which duly reflects the upbeat and energetic atmosphere that seems to follow Megan and Vance wherever they go.  There was a lot of love surrounding them and the ceremony was gorgeous.  I was honored to be the one who got to film your wedding.

Congratulations Megan and Vance!

3 Reasons to Fear Having Your Wedding in Vail

Vail my seem like the picturesque location to have your wedding… but all is not as it seems.  We’ll outline the top three reasons why you should be afraid to have your wedding in Vail!

No 3: Three-hundred days of sun out of the year is a dangerous amount.  Plus if you add in the elevation things can get devastating.  If you forget your sunscreen and you’re planning on having an outdoor wedding, you just might be spending your wedding night with a bottle of aloe-vera gel instead of a bottle of champagne.  However, if you do protect yourself, the nightmare isn’t over yet…

No 2: Snow.  Tons and tons of snow!  Unless you enjoy skiing and snowmobiling, you better seriously consider having your wedding elsewhere.  Vail is mostly one big ski slope in the winter time.  However, don’t think you’re safe in the summer either!

No 1: Your guests will likely forget to even show up to the ceremony if you have your wedding in the summer in Vail.  They will be so preoccupied with hiking the beautiful trails, camping in the back country and kayaking and fishing in the streams that they’ll forget just why they came in the first place.  Don’t fall victim to this like so many brides have in the past.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a Vail wedding is so glamorous.  If you do decide to host your big day in Vail, be sure to heed the warnings and plan accordingly!  We wouldn’t want you to be disappointed.

Alyeska, Alaska: A Destination Wedding Preview

Alyeska ResortMuch like Vail weddings, Alyeska has much to offer in all seasons of the year.  Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, hot chocolate and a warm fire in the winter, hiking, camping, kayaking, mountain biking in the summer… need any other reasons to give your guests to come to the Big Day?

Just 40 minutes south of Anchorage, it sits in a lovely spot with water on one side and huge, snowy peaks on the other.  Megan & Vance have chosen a fabulous location for their wedding and we’re excited to have them as our first destination wedding of the season.  Look for Megan & Vance’s wedding trailer soon after the wedding in late May.