Kelly and the Bridesmaids, A Wedding Music Video

We shot Kelly’s wedding a year ago in Brooklyn, NYC. Some people get cold feet… some people choreograph a music video with all of their bridesmaids… Kelly is the music video type of bride. Shot on a webcam + some of our footage. Edited by one of Kelly’s friends, Liz.

Rachel & Alex, A Boulder, Colorado Wedding Film with a Ukrainian Twist

We first met Rachel and Alex through our computer screen. Skype to be exact. We immediately knew they would be one of our favorite couples to work with. They were planning their Boulder wedding from a distance, so we didn’t get a chance to meet them in person beforehand… however, their humorous and fun personalities were contagious and we were hooked. The wedding ceremony took place next to beautiful Boulder Creek with the reception at the Red Lion Restaurant. The mixture of Ukrainian and American culture was awesome (with the Ukrainian side coming up strong near the tail end of the evening!) Stay tuned after the outtro for an amazing vocal performance by Rachel! Congratulations Rachel and Alex! Будьмо!

Traci & Larry, Vail Wedding and a Beer Cake

Traci and Larry are best friends, soul mates and lovers… especially lovers of beer. Their Vail wedding had a very unique beer theme with a wedding cake that even poured a tasty brew! This wedding short film was really fun to work on and we had an opportunity to try something new. Traci and Larry were supposed to have their own wedding beer brewed and bottled just for the wedding. However, due to last minute complications, that didn’t happen. We worked with a visual effects artist who modeled and rendered a version of the “Sacramint Stout” in all its glory for the opening title sequence so that Traci and Larry could see their wonderful idea come to life. Congrats Traci and Larry! Cheers!

Ashley & Scott, Downtown Orlando Photography through the eyes of a Wedding Cinematographer

We have known Scott since he was in middle school. We’ve gotten to know Ashley since they’ve met and we even shared the experience of going through pregnancy and starting our families together, so when they asked if I would put my skills to use behind the lens at their wedding, I was only too happy to oblige. This gorgeous couple got married in Downtown Orlando at Ceviche. Here are a few of the more interesting photos I snagged. The differences between photography and cinematography are numerous, but I very much enjoyed getting to focus on split seconds in time. Congrats Scott and Ashley! We love you guys.

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Amanda & Tom, A Boulder, Colorado Wedding Trailer

Amanda and Tom held their wedding at the base of the Flat Irons in Boulder, CO. Everything about them had a personal touch, from the bicycle chain cuff links to the custom built alter. They put thought into every aspect of their intimate wedding and it really came through. Their wedding had serious character… it was 100% them and the people that surrounded them all shared that similar feeling. This is one that Erika and I will remember for a long time. It was truly special. Congrats Amanda and Tom!

Liz & Rishi, An Indian Love Affair Wedding Film

We love when cultures get all mixed together and swirled up. With Liz and Rishi, that’s exactly what happened. The day was an amazingly colorful blur of Indian culture and American style and grace. The excitement and romance emanated from Liz and Rishi and everyone couldn’t help but dance around with smiles on their faces. Energy, love and happiness, that’s what this couple is all about. Congrats!

Leslie & Lou, A Beaver Creek Elopement

We had the pleasure if being asked to capture the intimate elopement of Leslie and Lou in Beaver Creek on New Years Eve. Telling their story from the moment they touched down at Denver International Airport to the moment they became husband and wife was one of the more unique opportunities we had. Leslie and Lou are setting the bar pretty high for running away and getting married somewhere… plus they are just a fantastic couple. Congrats Leslie and Lou!

Jie & Ryan, A Denver Botanical Garden Wedding Film

How can we sum this up? Chinese tradition at a rustic Colorado farm… Wedding Cinematography meets Subtitles… Chinese-American Relations at an all time High. However you look at it, this day was amazing. Jie and Ryan’s intimate wedding included corn fields, hundreds of paper cranes and a couple that just might go down as the most playful couple we’ve ever worked with. Congrats Jie and Ryan!

Emily & Alex, Wedding at T Lazy 7 Ranch in Aspen

Alex is from England. Emily is from America. They joined together, surrounded by friends and family from both sides of the pond, at beautiful T Lazy 7 Ranch in Aspen, Colorado. Sometimes the beauty and nature that surrounds you just makes you fall silent and watch in awe and that’s exactly how it felt being in this place with Emily and Alex. Congratulations Emily and Alex!

Cole & Jenny, A Downtown Denver Wedding Film

We first met with Cole and Jenny just about a month or so before their wedding. Just sitting in the small diner we met at on a Sunday afternoon, you could tell that these two were the real deal. Two interesting people, with different backgrounds and life experiences who were in love. This translated very well on their wedding day in Denver. They were both just relaxed, cool and totally in the moment. For Cole and Jenny, this wasn’t just their wedding, but the next natural step in their lives. Congrats!