3 Reasons to Fear Having Your Wedding in Vail

Vail my seem like the picturesque location to have your wedding… but all is not as it seems.  We’ll outline the top three reasons why you should be afraid to have your wedding in Vail!

No 3: Three-hundred days of sun out of the year is a dangerous amount.  Plus if you add in the elevation things can get devastating.  If you forget your sunscreen and you’re planning on having an outdoor wedding, you just might be spending your wedding night with a bottle of aloe-vera gel instead of a bottle of champagne.  However, if you do protect yourself, the nightmare isn’t over yet…

No 2: Snow.  Tons and tons of snow!  Unless you enjoy skiing and snowmobiling, you better seriously consider having your wedding elsewhere.  Vail is mostly one big ski slope in the winter time.  However, don’t think you’re safe in the summer either!

No 1: Your guests will likely forget to even show up to the ceremony if you have your wedding in the summer in Vail.  They will be so preoccupied with hiking the beautiful trails, camping in the back country and kayaking and fishing in the streams that they’ll forget just why they came in the first place.  Don’t fall victim to this like so many brides have in the past.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a Vail wedding is so glamorous.  If you do decide to host your big day in Vail, be sure to heed the warnings and plan accordingly!  We wouldn’t want you to be disappointed.

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